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A casino guide worthy of the name must offer you explanatory articles on the main casino games. We have therefore designed an entire section of our site on this subject. Here, you will be able to find informative and strategic articles on the most popular casino games among players. Thanks to our information, our tips and our advice, you will be able to discover a lot of things about these games and thus increase your chances of winning a maximum of winnings.

Slot machines

Slot machines are undoubtedly the favorite game of online casino enthusiasts. Easy to use and fun, the latter allows beginners in the field to be entertained and win many gains. To allow you to enjoy online games in the best possible conditions, we will tell you all about the rules of these casino games. We will also introduce you to strategies that will help you maximize your chances of winning. In addition, we will present the different types of slot machines available at online casinos to allow you to make the best choice in terms of games. 


Nicknamed the Queen of casinos, roulette has it all! With its simple rules of the game and its easy handling, roulette has won the hearts of millions of casino players. So if you want to get started, do not miss our special file on roulette, which will allow you to discover lots of information about the famous casino game. We will present the rules of the game, its different variants as well as strategies to increase your chances of beating the casino.


A close cousin of blackjack, baccarat is increasingly popular with online casino players. If the game was rather rare in the gaming rooms of land casinos, it now exists online and to the delight of players. As with other casino games, we have designed a folder specifically dedicated to baccarat in which you will be able to learn more about the rules of the game, but also the best techniques to use to beat the bank. We will also present the variants of baccarat, and we will explain to you how to understand your games so that they take place in the best conditions.


This is the favorite game of strategists! Blackjack is a table game whose goal is very simple to define and which allows you to implement many strategies. Thus, in our special blackjack file, we will teach you how to master the different rules of the game. We will also take care to present to you the best blackjack strategies, in particular the basic strategy, that of card counting, as well as the method True Count and Hi-Low technique. We will also present the different variants of the game, as well as the actions that you can perform during your games.

Video Poker

Notice to big winners; video poker is the casino game with the lowest house edge! So, securing winnings in this game is pretty easy. It is still necessary to know the rules of the game. We will also reserve a strategic article for you, which will help you increase your chances of bringing together a maximum of winning combinations.

Cheating At The Casino: Myth Or Reality To Win Every Time?

Which player has never considered cheating? From the most honest to the most truthful, everyone has already thought about this strategy at least once. So we decided to make a point about cheating at the casino to find out if certain methods are applicable to roulette. Find the best legal techniques, but also the most incredible cheating stories!

Learning How To Cheat At The Casino With The Oldest Methods Can Work

Cheaters have always existed, and they strike, of course, on the roulette tables. So how can you cheat on a roulette table; how to cheat at the casino? We swallowed our principles, for once, and we tested the methods of cheating for you! Here are the three techniques that would be “effective”:

  • Las Vegas magicians, cheaters, like to play with fire and use the hold-out – at their own risk. This technique is known around the world to be used by magicians, but it turns out that casino players would use it to maximize their winnings during a game of table game. The hold-out is indeed a “cuff,” which allows us to hold the desired card in the sleeve of the card player and to slide it at the most opportune moment.                                                              
  • No need for software or technological hardware for dice cheaters. Indeed, simple piping is enough. How does it work? The technique is very simple: the die is heavier on one side, so it will always fall on the same number.
  • Who Said Fake Tokens Are Old Game? Certainly not the handful of cheaters who still use this good old technique in blackjack, poker, and even roulette. Indeed, some very clever players would manage to enter casinos in possession of counterfeit tokens and, in the following case, would play with “fake money.”

Modern-day cheaters have a lot of imagination and are now using technology to bring luck and try to win millions.

Is there a foolproof method to cheat roulette at the casino? We investigated

Many methods have been invented over the centuries for cheating roulette. Some have tried to modify the tables or the balls to use magnets, but the most often used cheats are those which consist of placing a bet on the roulette table after the ball is stopped on a number. How is it possible to cheat at the casino? Here are the three most popular methods of cheating roulette at the casino:

  • The “stroller” method. This technique is, in general, carried out using several accomplices and consists of simply pushing chips on the winning square. An accomplice is responsible for distracting the dealer simultaneously. Finally, the last player claims the winnings.
  • The method of cheating using a microcomputer: this technique was tested by three Russian players in a casino in London. Equipped with a mobile phone with an integrated laser scanner, the three thugs take their place in front of a roulette table, and when the ball is launched on the wheel, they use the phone to assess the speed of the ball when it is launched, l information is then sent to the microcomputer which analyzes the box on which it will eventually stop.
  • The Los Pelayos strategy: Gonzalo Pelayos had felt the vein; according to him, each roulette was different. After thousands of throws and the skills of a specialist in mathematics, Gonzalo and his friend realized that each roulette has significant trends of its own and which would repeat itself round after round.

Following The Martingale Roulette And Other Strategies, Is It Considered Cheating At The Roulette Casino?

Whether you plan to cheat at the casino or not (we strongly advise against it), you have heard of martingales. Martingales are game methods that follow mathematical and / or logical probabilities. You should know that some of them have proven themselves, but none remains infallible.

We assume that following a martingale is considered “cheating at the roulette casino” by some online gambling sites knowing that it is completely prohibited to use this kind of trick. The rule diverges, however, for land-based casinos, some of which do not prohibit players from following a martingale to place their bets on roulette games.

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